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Strategy & Risk Advisory services to enable businesses to survive and thrive

Notwithoutrisk draws upon decades of experience to help financial services groups, publicly-listed corporates, private groups, not for profit enterprises and startups/new ventures improve their risk practices. Notwithoutrisk is experienced in working with boards and executive teams in delivering tailored, fit-for-purpose, enduring risk management programs. By identifying, assessing and addressing risks with our expert understanding of proven frameworks and strategies, Notwithoutrisk prepares businesses for success now and in the future.

Strategic Planning

Notwithoutrisk offers support in the development of business strategies. Notwithoutrisk can undertake industry research, facilitate strategy workshops, and develop detailed business plans.

Sustainability & ESG

Notwithoutrisk offers planning and support in development of sustainability and environmental, social and governance strategies.

Risk Management Frameworks & Strategies

Notwithoutrisk designs and implements enterprise risk management and compliance frameworks, helping businesses build a culture of risk diligence.

Risk Identification

Notwithoutrisk designs and facilitates board and management workshops using the 52 Risks framework to identify pertinent business risks.

Risk Appetite

Notwithoutrisk helps businesses ascertain the risks they are willing and able to embrace providing a clear direction for present and future actions.

Maturity Assessment, Gap Analysis and Reviews

Notwithoutrisk is able to review existing risk management programs and develop comprehensive roadmaps that address gaps in risk practices.

Start-ups & New Ventures

Notwithoutrisk assists new businesses in developing a risk management culture from day one.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Notwithoutrisk provides coaching to help individuals improve their leadership, strategic planning and risk management skills. Notwithoutrisk can assist Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, Executives, Risk Managers, Chairs of Audit and Risk Committees, Directors and Startup Founders.

Enterprise Risk Management Workshops

Notwithoutrisk runs comprehensive workshops that synthesise employee insights helping businesses identify, prioritise and develop action plans for key risks:

  • Pre-workshop surveys and one-on-one interviews to identify key business risks
  • An infographic summary of survey and interview data is used to facilitate workshop discussion
  • Participants discuss the pertinence of each risk and agree upon any action plans or initiatives
  • At request, Notwithoutrisk will devise a report consolidating existing risk registers and the results of the workshop

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